Monday, May 14, 2012

Where the Diva Tries to Match

I was quite shocked when the Diva actually tried to match her clothes over the weekend, and for the most part, she was rather successful.


Dress: I think this is Kohl's Jumping Bean brand. My MIL then went and knitted/crocheted the bottom rainbow part and around the sleeves/neck. She is one talented lady. Knitting/crocheting is against my religious beliefs, and by against my religious beliefs, I mean I can't do it to save my soul. 
Shorts: Not pictured are black biker style shorts from JcPenney. 


My husband has dubbed this look "a barrage of geometry". Only slightly painful on the eyes, yet all the colors somehow match.

Shirt: Circo brand from Target
Leggings: Also Circo brand I believe, but I bought them on clearance a year or so ago.
Shoes: The Dora wonders from Target
Attitude: Helped by the cold she has. 


This morning didn't go too well. Someone (note: not me) was full of three year old attitude.

Shirt: Circo brand again, I believe. It's been enhanced by the MIL.
Shorts: Rocking the biker-Donna-from-90210 look again. They are another Circo item.
Socks: Elmo rainbow striped goodness from the dollar bin at Target. 
Not pictured: Huge bruise on knee from running into a bedroom door. Grace, she has it. 

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