Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kissing Diva

The husband chaperoned a high school trip to Hershey Pennsylvania over the weekend and came back with a few goodies for everyone, including this cute little shirt. Although, back off boys. There is no kissing of my girl.

Shirt: From Hershey, "Don't just stand there, give me a kiss!"
Shorts: Circo biker shorts from Target
Socks: Elmo rainbow striped dollar bin goodies
Shoes: Dora slip ons from Target

People, who is this girl?!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jeans, Upcycled

I had a pair of jeans in my closet that I have owned for many years. They had a small hole in the leg. I hadn't worn them in a long time and considered adding them to my donate pile. And then a light bulb went off in my head (it kind of hurt). Why not upcycle and make them something I would wear again! (Genius, I know.)

The jeans:

First I cut triangles out of the bottoms sides of the legs. I only meant to cut the outside bottom part, but...uh..messed up and cut both side. You could do either and it would look just fine. (Ignore my toes.)
My mom often said I was born in the wrong decade. My heart seems to be a little on the free, hippie style, with a touch of Elvis side. Next, I cut out triangles of fabric that were slightly larger than the triangles I cut out of the jeans. I hemmed the bottom of the fabric triangles. 
I pinned the triangles on, although I found that it worked much better if I used a glue stick to hold the fabric in place. And yes, you read that right. A glue stick. It washes out, holds the fabric perfectly and doesn't glue up your needle. Now, it's going to be a slight pain in the ass to sew the fabric on the jeans. I used my sewing machine, but it might have save me some of my precious sanity to hand sew. I specifically decided to leave my jean edges unfinished. I wanted the rough jeaned fray look. If you prefer not to have that look, you could always sew it together to make a clean look, with all edges sewn. (Put right sides together of the fabric and the jeans and sew the edge. Repeat on the other side.)
This is what it looked like all sewn. Don't be like me - using matching thread so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. 
Next I decided to applique some fabric on the legs. I love appliques. Now, I make my life much easier when I applique. I use Steam2Seam (Make sure you get the Steam2Seam2). With Steam2Seam you do not have to sew your edges. It is permanent and keeps your edges neat so they won't fray. I ended up stitching around the applique anyways because I like the look, but you don't have to. Admittedly, it's kind of a bitch to sew on a pant leg, but if you take your time and not afraid of a possible needle break, then go for it. I love the way it turn out.
My hippie dippy loving soul is very excited. I hope you get a chance to upcycle a pair of your jeans/pants. Send me a picture if you do!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Barrette Diva

Barrette Diva, also titled WHO IS THIS KID?!?

Yesterday it was blue jeans, today it's a barrette. I have no clue who this kid is. The Diva's hair is kept short for a reason. She HATES it to be messed with. No piggy tails, no ponies and for the love of all that is chocolate chip cookies, NO BARRETTES. You don't mess with the Diva's hair. She even gets pissy if you try to tuck her hair behind her ear. This morning she woke up with all her hair in her face and brushing it didn't help. I told her we would have to wet her hair down to fix it or (pause, wait for it) wear a barrette. SHE HAPPILY CHOSE THE BARRETTE. (Obviously I have issues with the caps lock button. SO SORRY.) It was still in her hair when I dropped her off at daycare. I'm all "Where did MAH BABY go?!"


Shirt: Princess shirt from JcPenney
Shorts: I think JcPenney, but I bought it on clearance years ago and stashed it away. I think it had a matching shirt.
Shoes: The Target Dora wonders
Barrette: Plastic Green Butterfly, from CVS. I think. 

(MAH BABY!!!!!!)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Momentous Diva Moment

I didn't think it was possible.


The Diva is wearing BLUE JEANS. PANTS THAT TOUCH HER FEET! Sorry, couldn't control myself. The excitement kinda got to me. YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.

Shirt: The infamous "Soccer shirt"
Pants: Mudd Jeans, hand me downs
Shoes: Dora, Target
Not pictured: In the pocket are 2 bracelets and a penny. Sing with me "I have a penny in my pocket (boom, boom, boom)"!

From earlier in the week:

Jacket: The favorite Arizona Jean Jacket
Shirt: Circo - it has some sweet lacing detail you can't see
Shorts: Circo, biker chick style
Socks: Animal the Muppet socks from the dollar bin at Target
Shoes: Those Dora favorites, from Target

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where the Diva Tries to Match

I was quite shocked when the Diva actually tried to match her clothes over the weekend, and for the most part, she was rather successful.


Dress: I think this is Kohl's Jumping Bean brand. My MIL then went and knitted/crocheted the bottom rainbow part and around the sleeves/neck. She is one talented lady. Knitting/crocheting is against my religious beliefs, and by against my religious beliefs, I mean I can't do it to save my soul. 
Shorts: Not pictured are black biker style shorts from JcPenney. 


My husband has dubbed this look "a barrage of geometry". Only slightly painful on the eyes, yet all the colors somehow match.

Shirt: Circo brand from Target
Leggings: Also Circo brand I believe, but I bought them on clearance a year or so ago.
Shoes: The Dora wonders from Target
Attitude: Helped by the cold she has. 


This morning didn't go too well. Someone (note: not me) was full of three year old attitude.

Shirt: Circo brand again, I believe. It's been enhanced by the MIL.
Shorts: Rocking the biker-Donna-from-90210 look again. They are another Circo item.
Socks: Elmo rainbow striped goodness from the dollar bin at Target. 
Not pictured: Huge bruise on knee from running into a bedroom door. Grace, she has it. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Diva Returns

(Sorry for the bad picture, it was sunny as all get out and Diva was too busy dancing and jumping to get a clear, solid picture.)

Shirt: "Not my first rodeo" shirt was a gift. I have no clue where it was purchased from.
Leggings: Baby Gap, clearance
Shoes: Dora slip-ons. It's what all the three year olds are wearing these days.
Jacket: Clearance Arizona Brand from JcPenney. "No snapping my jacket, Mommy." I assume it's because if I snapped the jacket she wouldn't be able to wear it like a cape. 
Not pictured: Animal (the Muppet. Ok, the BEST Muppet if you ask me.) socks from the Target dollar bin. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diva acting too much like a Diva

Alas, today I do not have a Diva of the day picture. I know, I know heartbreaking. Why, you ask? Because the Diva decided that she was not going to sleep last night. I finally gave up at 11pm and went to bed myself, informing her to stay in her own bed and please just be quiet. No more talking to your hands or having a party with your stuffed animals. Even teddy bear needed to go to effing sleep. Apparently all the stuffed animals had a major conference early this morning and needed their rest. They were all up in arms about poor turtle who busted open a seam and lost half of his stuffing. It was like an OSHA meeting, but for stuffed animals. I think the seminar was going to cover things like, "Quick, Hide From The Cat" and "Washing Machine Survival Techniques". Anyways, the Diva was quite grumpy this morning. I didn't want to risk the ultimate melt down by asking her to stand still for a picture. I think if she would have stood still she just might have fallen asleep. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow is much more successful.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diva Day Whatever Day It Is

I do believe that this is my favorite look so far. I don't know what her statement is, but whatever it is, she's rocking it like nobody's business. 

Shirt: This strawberry beauty is from Walmart that matches the pink and white striped shorts she wore last week. But if you haven't figured out by now, she is not a child who believes in "outfits that go together". It totally ruins her style mojo.
Leggings: From the ever stylish Old Navy.
Jacket: This jean jacket special was a clearance at JcPenney's
Shoes: Dora shoes from Target.
Sunglasses: The free 3D pair of glasses that the husband and son got from the Avengers movie on Sunday.
(Not pictured was a pink rubber "Silly Bandz" bracelet and striped purple socks. That fit her when she was a baby.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Diva Weekend Recap


It was too cold to wear shorts. So, the Diva threw a major fit. I compromised and told her she could wear shorts if she wore leg warmers. And OBVIOUSLY she chose legwarmers that didn't match.

Shirt and shorts: Both from Walmart. (Might I add that my child is such a peanut that none of her pants stay up. 2 hours into the day and my kid looks like she's a pimp daddy mac hanging her pants down low.)
Legwarmers: From Etsy, bought years ago. LOVE them.
Attitude: All her own


Shirt: This whale of a beauty (snort, whale, get it?!) is Carter's from JcPenney's.
Leggings: Old Navy clearance special.
Shoes: Dora special from Target. Get them fast if you like them. They are selling like crazy. 
Rubber Blue bracelet: From her brother.


Shirt: Butterfly special from Walmart.
Leggings: Baby Gap.
Shoes: Dora Target Special. (Seriously, I had to go to 2 Targets to find her size.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Diva Day 4

It seems my daughter likes to mock me and prove me wrong. Instead of her same pair of shoes that she has worn for weeks straight she has busted out a NEW pair of shoes and no socks! At least I've got her trained on the no socks with sandals rule. I mean, I do have some standards as a parent. Not many mind you, but definitely no socks with sandals. Clubbing baby seals on the other hand is totally cool.

(Just kidding. Seriously baby seals are too damn cute.)

Shirt: "It's my soccer shirt, Mommy!" I have no clue where we got it from.
Shorts: Walmart Faded Glory. And there Diva goes, rocking the Donna from 90210 look again. 

At least she somewhat matches today! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diva Day 3

For the Tiny diva, the clothing choices usually starts with socks. She loves herself a nice pair of striped socks. And it never matters if the socks match her outfit of choice. In fact I think she purposefully chooses non-matching socks. Probably because she knows it makes me twitch internally.

T-Shirt: this cupcake cutie came from JcPenney - Okie Dokie Brand
Shorts: Okie Dokie again. They remind me of something Donna wore in 90210. 
Socks: (non-matching, of course) Old Navy from 2 years ago. They don't fit. I try to throw them away. She somehow finds them again.
Shoes: The same Oshkosh Mary Janes from Meijers. What can I say, when the girl finds a pair of shoes she likes she will wear them every day until they fall apart. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Facebook Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the May Facebook Sale started yesterday for Funklicious. Remember that you can only find my monthly sales on Facebook, so make sure you like Funklicious (http://www.facebook.com/Funklicious)  to get all the great sale and promotions! Mother's day is just around the corner. Place your order now to get it on time. I just started making aprons. Reversible aprons to be listed this week. Click here to go to see the new items listed. Woot! Woot!

Diva, Day 2

The Diva went for a layered look for today. Very snazzy look for her, in an unmatched sort of way.

T-shirt: Arizona brand, thank you JcPenney. Can't find it online anymore.
Skirt: Circo Skirt, via Target
Leggings: Old Navy. It's no longer for sale either. And the pants must always be leggings. No pants are allowed to touch the feet. The world ends if pants touch the feet.
Socks: Striped Elmo socks from the dollar bin at Target. 
Shoes: Oshkosh, clearance from Meijers. No longer for sale. 

Sophia was very proud of this look. I think the bright colored socks made the look, don't you agree? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Fashion Diva, Instagram Style

My three year, my sweet petunia, my stinkweed, has decided that she now has to pick out what she wears. Me, deciding I have bigger battles to fight with her, am letting her choose her clothes. As long as all all appropriate areas are covered, I don't care. And since I am highly amused by her choices, I thought I would start sharing them here, Instagram style. And yes, I just downloaded the app. Apparently, I am very slow with the times.

Sweater: Special riding hood sweater made by Nana. Perfect for playing Little Red Riding Hood. Minus the red hood. (Details)
Shirt (not seen): Plain purple Circo brand 
Pants: One size too small Circo brand leggings.
Shoes: Oshkosh brown Mary Janes.