Monday, May 7, 2012

Diva Weekend Recap


It was too cold to wear shorts. So, the Diva threw a major fit. I compromised and told her she could wear shorts if she wore leg warmers. And OBVIOUSLY she chose legwarmers that didn't match.

Shirt and shorts: Both from Walmart. (Might I add that my child is such a peanut that none of her pants stay up. 2 hours into the day and my kid looks like she's a pimp daddy mac hanging her pants down low.)
Legwarmers: From Etsy, bought years ago. LOVE them.
Attitude: All her own


Shirt: This whale of a beauty (snort, whale, get it?!) is Carter's from JcPenney's.
Leggings: Old Navy clearance special.
Shoes: Dora special from Target. Get them fast if you like them. They are selling like crazy. 
Rubber Blue bracelet: From her brother.


Shirt: Butterfly special from Walmart.
Leggings: Baby Gap.
Shoes: Dora Target Special. (Seriously, I had to go to 2 Targets to find her size.)

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  1. Matching is overrated... with enough attitude, you can pull almost anything off. Miss Diva's got it in spades.