Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Ok. I think it is safe to say that sometimes I can be a ditz. It's not that I am lacking a brain. Far from it. My ditzy moments come from the fact that I have too much going on in my brain. Drop kid A off, pick kid B up, work, cook dinner, work on projects, clean, yadda yadda. Eventually my braid overloads and I stop thinking. Which led me to this past weekend. Where I washed 5 loads of laundry and realized the giant bottle of detergent I bought was in fact not detergent. Nope. It was a giant bottle of fabric softener.

The worst part? Is that I've been washing clothes with just fabric softener for the last few weeks. Hey, at least they smell good, right?

It helps when you take time to read things. Huh. Imagine that.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just a reminder

Just a small reminder, I have many awesome items listed at my Etsy shop.

For your favorite little girl, I have this adorable princess dress.

I'm truly in love with this vintage bicycle dress. So adorable and one of a kind.

For the Scottie dog lovers, this dress is pure awesome.

For the cook, baker, crafter and/or gardener, I have some great aprons. Like this one or that one.

Any ideas you think I should make? I have superhero capes and working on embroidered coasters and some fun monster dolls. Also have a felt paper doll rolling around in my mind. Plus, I am trying to take my girl's tunic and redo the pattern for women's sizes. How cute would the be with a belt at the waist, some skinny jeans/regular jeans and some cute flats? Although I don't own skinny jeans. Or flats - but I have a gift card to Kohls! Woot! Leopard print flats here I come!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's a hard knocks life

I've been feeling rather down in the dumps lately. Rather blah and I can't quite pin point why. I was feeling sorry for myself and all the crap I've had to deal with in my life. You know the feeling, just when things start to get easy more crap happens and then more crap. I talked with a few friends who have had a bunch of crap happen to them. (Can I use the word crap a few more times?) Not the same as what I've dealt with, but still crap and it still sucks. It was then that I realized (cue some fancy music, maybe a light show) that everyone has had their fair share of shit to deal with - no one's life is a cake walk.

We all have our demons.

We all struggle.

We all have skeletons in our closet.

And you know what - that's part of life - but choosing not to let your demons, your crap, rule your life is truly living. It's realizing that we only have one life to live and to give yourself every chance to live it to the fullest.

Yes, some days I would really rather pull the blankets over my head and ignore the world, but I force myself to get up. To get dressed. To go live. Never once have I regretted living. Never once have I regretted getting up and telling my demons to go fuck off.

So, here's to living. Here's to giving yourself the best life. You can only do it once, so do it right.

And seriously, fuck off demons. Go back and party with the skeletons in my closet. I hear they are lonely right about now.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hola, me llamo Nicole

Sometime last month my beloved iron died. I know, (insert sarcasm here) you feel the loss as much as I do. I loved that iron. As a person who sews, your iron is like your best friend. Only it doesn't go shopping with you to tell you when a certain pair of pants makes your butt look fat. Secretly I kind of wish it did, because that iron has seen me through many a hard time sewing in the last two years. I went out shopping to find another suitable iron, bought one, and decidedly hate it. I've already thrown away the box and receipt. Now I am kind of stuck with and iron, who might I add only likes to steam when it wants to. If I want some steam action, I press the steam button and wait. And wait. And wait. Then as I start to iron something I don't need to use steam with, it lets out a huge gust of steamy air, pissing me off in the process. I think it might by possessed or maybe it just secretly likes wrinkles. Either way now I feel like I HAVE to use this iron I already paid for. What to do, what to do....... Are there magical iron fairies somewhere out there that deliver new and fabulous irons to good little boys and girls?

In other news, I have many a fun new project on the drafting table this year. Lots of ideas floating around in my head, hopefully I will be able to share them with you, plus a side of sarcasm. A blog from me doesn't feel the same unless it's laced with loads of sarcasm and an occasional swear word thrown in there for good luck. Bet you didn't know swearing brings good luck. There, see? You do learn something new every day. You're welcome. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Look maw, it's 2013!

Happy new year to all 5 of you......2 of you who still stop by and still read my random drivel! I hope everyone had a fab holiday. We decided a day before we were hosting a New Year's Eve to switch rooms around in our house, thus creating a massive mess! Obviously, we like to thrive on stress. And caffeine with an occasional beer thrown in the mix. My stepson moved out, so we moved my son (8 going on 35) into the now empty room. Then we turned my son's old room into a toy room where all video games will be relocated  (pause for a moment of silence please for how kick ass this is - my precious living room will finally be mine again!). Not to mention I was able to move all Legos and Polly Pockets to the toy room. The bottoms of all mother's feet rejoice in the awesomeness of this. If you have no clue why this is awesome, then go find a Lego, throw it on the floor, take off your shoes and socks, turn off the lights and step on the Lego. I bet you just yelled many a 4 letter swear word, didn't you? Now you understand. By creating a toy room we were able to move many a toy out of the basement table, including a huge table that will now be used for Lego building and craft making. By doing this we opened up a crap ton of room in the basement where my studio lives. Do you understand what this means for me?

(wait for it)

A chance to redo the studio!!!!!!!!!! (No, I am not excited about this at all. Nope. Not one iota.) (Okay, maybe just a tad bit excited.) (Okay, fine. I may have skipped around the house singing with glee.) The reorganization part started out a bit hairy, giant mess.

BUT, I was finally able to clean the area and organize everything they way it should be.

Case in point, the fabric stash:

Please note that all fabric is now arrange by color, including a polka dot stash. What, doesn't everybody have a polka dot stash? Don't give me that look, you know you have one.

If you need me, I will be downstairs sewing. And gazing longingly at my fabric.