Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To gift or not to gift

Really, that is the questions. As a BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to receive a free 5x7 mounted photo. Of course I jumped at the chance. I shop at Meijer all the time. I am convinced if Meijer doesn't have a certain item, then it must not exist. On Thanksgiving I made my children wear decent clothes and actually sit next to each other, no fighting or whining, and smile real smiles. I didn't want any cheese with these smiles. Was I ever shocked when my two turkeys actually behaved and gave me the picture I wanted and NO whining was involved. All moms out there seriously understand why this could be considered a miracle. I then copied the picture to a CD and skipped all the way to Meijer (fine, I drove there. It was too cold for skipping). I put my cd into the photo kiosk computer and it was super easy to navigate through and choose what I wanted. I opted for the matte finish, because I'm more of a matter girl. Glossy is too shiny. The computer printed out my ticket and all I had to do was wait. You can get your mounted photos in an hour, but there was a problem with the photo machine, so I had to pick it up the next day. Not a problem at all, as I ended up running out of milk and was able to pick up milk and my fabulous mounted photo together.

(My two turkeys)

I also noticed that Meijer had other photo options, such as photo mugs and calenders. I now have some good ideas for some Christmas presents for those hard to shop for people. A photo mug would make a great gift for my dad. At first I was going to give the mounted photo to my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift, but the photo looks really nice up on my mantle. I may just have to keep it for myself........

(I was compensated for my time with a free mounted photo, but the opinions are all my own.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

From Wolverine Blue & Gold to Sparty Green

When we moved into our house 5 years ago, my son Aaron's new room was done in University of Michigan Blue and Gold colors. Fast forward five years later and my son is now a die hard Michigan State Sparty fan, who loathes his blue and gold room. We used Benjamin Moore Aura Waterborn Interior Paint and finally (after many months of begging from said child) updated his room, fit for a Sparty Fan. I received a free can of paint from Benjamin Moore through this fabulous website called BzzAgent. At first I was worried that we would have to use multiple coats of paint to cover the blue and gold, but was surprised that it only took one coat, with a few touch ups. The best part about this paint is that it is lower in VOCs (check out here for more info about VOCs) and is better for your family and the environment. Best of all, I now have a very happy son!

( I was compensated for my time with free paint, but my opinions are my own.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage Bicycle Ride

I have been in a vintage kick lately. I love to use vintage fabrics. It makes the item one-of-a-kind and I feel better about not adding more crap to an over crapped out earth. A few weeks ago a lovely friend of mine gave me two ginormous boxes of vintage finds from her stash. There were a few craft magazines from the 70's in the box too. I am going to have to take some pictures of these magazines. Flipping hilarious. Part of this stash was this unbelievable bicycle fabric:

I could make out with this fabric, I love it so much. (Pardon the hideous plaid cover on my sewing table.) Fun, no? I also made an apron with these same fabrics. This is definitely one of those items I will be sad to see sell. I get attached to my fabrics. They are kind of like my children. Only the fabric doesn't talk back. Or spill juice on my carpet. Details, schmetails.