Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have children, which means I have no patience. Or free time. Or nice clothes that are not covered in bits of caked on cracker goo. If you are a parent in any way, you totally understand this and probably taking a deep sigh and nodding your head in agreement. Don't get me wrong, my children kick ass and I love them beyond words and couldn't imagine life without them. Life is just different then it was 9 years ago. This was all so apparent this morning when I was I was trying to put my 2 year old's coat on. She apparently didn't understand how to stand still. Her version of standing still included flinging her arms around while dancing. During her "stand still" dancing she managed to knock a big glass of water over, dousing my pant leg and shoe.  It had to be the morning that I had no time to change. Please note that my ever adorable daughter took great offense to me getting upset by her not listening. Obviously it was my fault that she drenched my leg. The me from 9 years ago would have never dreamed of leaving the house with sopping wet pants and a squishy shoe. The now me was all "Fuck it, it'll dry." On the bright side, I think the water washed off all the banana covered finger prints left by my tiny dancer. Silver lining?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chucky's Bride

I have always been one of those kids that colored all the time or doodled on homework. My high school AP History teacher once commented that I had the prettiest notes he's ever seen. It was too bad that I didn't pay more attention to the note part though. Truthfully, it wasn't until a few years ago that I even considered making my "hobbies" a full time job. I'm still working on the full time part, as kids need to be fed and bills need to be paid, but eventually I have every faith in myself that I will get there. My first love has always been drawing, namely abstract. I didn't begin to sew until last year when I forced myself to take my sewing machine out of the box and use the damn thing already. Yes, I love being able to make clothes and other little creations, but my sewing fixation is more because I dearly love fabric and all the options. I am like a kid in a candy store at JoAnn's or browsing I think the best job ever would be a fabric designer. How awesome would that be?!?!?! And I have to admit that I wanted to learn how to sew because girls' clothing scares the poop out of me and there is no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that my daughter will ever wear clothing with things written across her tushy. EVER. I'm 31 and I won't even wear pants with "Juicy" on my ass. My beloved late mother would likely come back to haunt me if I do. I can hear her even now, "Nicole Renee, I raised you better than that."

After my last fair is over with, and the Christmas rush on Etsy, I'm hoping to have some down time to draw again. I have many projects running through my head. It will be exciting to sit down at my drafting table again and pick up my beloved colored pencils and markers. Oooooo, I may cackle with glee. Cackle, cackle, cackle. (clearly I need to step away from the caffeine.) I can then bore with you to tears with pictures of my drawings. As opposed to boring you with pictures of my sewing projects. Like this:

The mermaid scares me. Like I want to stuff her in the back of my closet scares me. Clearly she was meant to be Chucky's bride. I may have to advertise her as that. "Chucky's Mermaid Bride, ready to stab you at any time! Perfect gift for your favorite girl." Too much? 

(cackle, cackle)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eeeekkkkk! My first fair!!! I'm really excited, yet nervous I won't have enough stuff made. I will be selling my  reversible dresses, skirts like the one pictured below and dolls/stuffed guys. If you are in the area, stop on by! Hope to see you there.

Love these skirts. They are so cute on little girls. My only complaint is they are VERY time consuming to create. Thankfully the skirt's cuteness far outweighs the time to make them. 

Any new projects on your plate? They don't have to be sewing or art related. Share!