Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have children, which means I have no patience. Or free time. Or nice clothes that are not covered in bits of caked on cracker goo. If you are a parent in any way, you totally understand this and probably taking a deep sigh and nodding your head in agreement. Don't get me wrong, my children kick ass and I love them beyond words and couldn't imagine life without them. Life is just different then it was 9 years ago. This was all so apparent this morning when I was I was trying to put my 2 year old's coat on. She apparently didn't understand how to stand still. Her version of standing still included flinging her arms around while dancing. During her "stand still" dancing she managed to knock a big glass of water over, dousing my pant leg and shoe.  It had to be the morning that I had no time to change. Please note that my ever adorable daughter took great offense to me getting upset by her not listening. Obviously it was my fault that she drenched my leg. The me from 9 years ago would have never dreamed of leaving the house with sopping wet pants and a squishy shoe. The now me was all "Fuck it, it'll dry." On the bright side, I think the water washed off all the banana covered finger prints left by my tiny dancer. Silver lining?


  1. Haha!! Why can they not stand still? I can barely get moving!

  2. LOL, all us moms can relate! Hope your shoe wasn't wet all day!