Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diva acting too much like a Diva

Alas, today I do not have a Diva of the day picture. I know, I know heartbreaking. Why, you ask? Because the Diva decided that she was not going to sleep last night. I finally gave up at 11pm and went to bed myself, informing her to stay in her own bed and please just be quiet. No more talking to your hands or having a party with your stuffed animals. Even teddy bear needed to go to effing sleep. Apparently all the stuffed animals had a major conference early this morning and needed their rest. They were all up in arms about poor turtle who busted open a seam and lost half of his stuffing. It was like an OSHA meeting, but for stuffed animals. I think the seminar was going to cover things like, "Quick, Hide From The Cat" and "Washing Machine Survival Techniques". Anyways, the Diva was quite grumpy this morning. I didn't want to risk the ultimate melt down by asking her to stand still for a picture. I think if she would have stood still she just might have fallen asleep. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow is much more successful.

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