Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diva, Day 2

The Diva went for a layered look for today. Very snazzy look for her, in an unmatched sort of way.

T-shirt: Arizona brand, thank you JcPenney. Can't find it online anymore.
Skirt: Circo Skirt, via Target
Leggings: Old Navy. It's no longer for sale either. And the pants must always be leggings. No pants are allowed to touch the feet. The world ends if pants touch the feet.
Socks: Striped Elmo socks from the dollar bin at Target. 
Shoes: Oshkosh, clearance from Meijers. No longer for sale. 

Sophia was very proud of this look. I think the bright colored socks made the look, don't you agree? 

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