Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diva Day 3

For the Tiny diva, the clothing choices usually starts with socks. She loves herself a nice pair of striped socks. And it never matters if the socks match her outfit of choice. In fact I think she purposefully chooses non-matching socks. Probably because she knows it makes me twitch internally.

T-Shirt: this cupcake cutie came from JcPenney - Okie Dokie Brand
Shorts: Okie Dokie again. They remind me of something Donna wore in 90210. 
Socks: (non-matching, of course) Old Navy from 2 years ago. They don't fit. I try to throw them away. She somehow finds them again.
Shoes: The same Oshkosh Mary Janes from Meijers. What can I say, when the girl finds a pair of shoes she likes she will wear them every day until they fall apart. 

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