Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Momentous Diva Moment

I didn't think it was possible.


The Diva is wearing BLUE JEANS. PANTS THAT TOUCH HER FEET! Sorry, couldn't control myself. The excitement kinda got to me. YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.

Shirt: The infamous "Soccer shirt"
Pants: Mudd Jeans, hand me downs
Shoes: Dora, Target
Not pictured: In the pocket are 2 bracelets and a penny. Sing with me "I have a penny in my pocket (boom, boom, boom)"!

From earlier in the week:

Jacket: The favorite Arizona Jean Jacket
Shirt: Circo - it has some sweet lacing detail you can't see
Shorts: Circo, biker chick style
Socks: Animal the Muppet socks from the dollar bin at Target
Shoes: Those Dora favorites, from Target

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