Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beauty on a beer budget

Okay. I'm going to admit it.

My name is Nicole and I have a beauty supply addiction.

I follow many blogs that talk about their favorite beauty supplies, new hair care products, etc. I'm always interested in finding out what works well for others and what I should look into getting for myself. The thing is - 9 times out of 10, I can't afford the product the blogger is talking about. I am a beauty on a beer budget kind of a gal. (That and I'd rather save my pennies for more important things. Like fabric. And ribbon. And buttons. And more fabric.) I thought I'd write a couple of posts and talk about the products I love and for the most part you can find them at CVS or Target. Most everything is $15 and under.

1. Cetaphil face wash: Only I go the extra cheap route and buy the store brand. I will admit that after my daughter was born my skin went ape shit. After a year or so, I finally broke down and got Proactive. I am a big fan of Proactive and for $20 you get a cute little introductory kit. And then a month later you get a ginormous kit and they charge your credit card $100. Ooopsies. Make sure you uncheck the automatic order box when you place your introductory order. The $20 kit lasts a long time. And then I just copied the wash treatment by using cheap drug store items. Seriously, store brand Cetaphil runs $7 for a huge jug of it. Well worth it. I am also finding out now that you can buy Proactive like kits made by Aveeno and like brands.

2. Face Toner: Definitely find a face toner you like. I recommend Aveeno or Neutrogena. Fabulous stuff. I've also been told that Witch Hazel works as a good toner too. Anyone have thoughts on this?

3. Moisturizer: I like Aveeno for this. And get one that has some SPF in it. Oil of Olay is a good one too.

4. Night cream: Yes. I am of that age now where I have started to use a night cream. I HIGHLY recommend the Oil of Olay Age Rejuvenating Night Cream. Plus it's under $14. My skin has never felt better. And watch your coupons too! Oil of Olay has coupons in the Sunday paper almost every month.

5. Body Soap: I use just plain old Dove or Oil of Olay bar soap. It just depends upon which is on sale when I need to buy more. Plus, they are mild enough that my kids can use them.

6. Lotion: The one area I spend a touch more on because I am addicted to The Body Shop's Olive Body Butter. It's a whopping $19 a container, but I wait until it's on sale or I get a gift card. I refuse to pay full price. REFUSE. If it's not on sale and I don't have a gift card I will buy the Target Brand of Aveeno's body lotion.

7. Shampoo: I buy what's on sale. Currently I am using Suave's version of Biolage. Although I just got a container of the new Clear brand of conditioner and so far I really like it. I will not buy name brand shampoo. $22 for a bottle of Bed Head shampoo is just not worth it. My hair is just as happy when cleaned from stuff I get at CVS.

8. Styling products: I have curly hair, so I usually use a leave in conditioner. I love Biolage's Leave in treatment, but I don't buy it often because it costs more than $10. I have found that Herbal Essence has a good Curly Detangling Spray. Marc Anthony also has a good curl hair care line. Plus, I am told Bed, Bath and Beyond sells it, so save your 20% off coupon! I prefer the Anthony's curl creme to the spray. Just an FYI in case you were interested.

The best part about buying items at CVS or Target is that usually you can get coupons for them to make them cheaper. What is your favorite "drug store" beauty find? I'm all about saving me some $$!

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  1. I don't spend much of anything on beauty. I tend to go natural with just eyebrow pencil. But for the basics, I use Suave Shampoo in whatever form is on sale and make a rinse with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. No other hair stuff. I use the CVS version of Oil of Olay but it does smell a bit sunscreen-y. I don't really mind though. Occasionally I'll use a body lotion (CVS version of lubriderm or Jergens) but I want to try the new Gold Bond body lotion - it's really light!