Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can I just sit and pet this fabric all day long?

I think my self proclaimed love of fabrics is obvious. In truth, I'm not the greatest seamstress, but I can pick fabrics out like nobody's business. A few months ago I had an awesome week in my Etsy shop, so I let myself indulge a tiny bit in buying some designer fabrics. I don't usually buy the really good stuff, as it costs a crap ton of money and I would have to charge a lot more for my stuff to recover the price. I am so happy I gave in to my fabric weakness.

This is from the new Alexander Henry line. I picked it up from Fabricworm. It truly does make a difference in working with the good stuff. The feel of the fabric is unbelievable. I sat there petting it last night as I was sewing it. I may have asked my husband to feel the fabric too. He didn't understand and thought I was off my rocker, but whatever. Hopefully, I will get this dress listed on Etsy tonight. It will cost a bit more then my usual dresses, but believe me, it is oh so worth it. Trust me.

(OKay fine, I probably am off my rocker. What's your point?)


  1. You can always tell the difference. Much of the time, making do is fine - but sometimes you really want the good stuff. I feel that way about yarn, pots and pans and certain clothes.

  2. Answer to your post title: yes, yes you can.