Thursday, August 9, 2012

Still in burn out

I think it's safe to say that I am still in burn out mode. I haven't sewn in a really long time. Which is NOT helpful seeing that I have a fair at the end of September. A two-day fair. As in I need to make enough stuff to last for two days in a row of selling things. I'm sure you understood what a two-day fair meant, I just needed to clarify it for myself. In hopes of maybe lighting a fire under my ass. It's not like I don't have oodles of adorable new fabric, sitting on my drafting table, calling out to me every night, "Nikki, come sew me. I need to be made into a skirt." Instead I sit on the couch. Or holding a horking up the lung 3 year old.

Speaking of the horking up the lung three year old, my daughter has pneumonia. That's right, pneumonia. In the SUMMER. Who gets pneumonia in the summer? My DAUGHTER, that's who. Round 2 of antibiotics and I think she might be getting better. Maybe. Kind of. Oh hell, I don't know.

I think I just need a nap. Or a beer.

Better yet, BOTH.


  1. I know what you mean. Life just seems exhausting at the moment. You have the better excuse with a horking girl (get better, Miss Diva!), but I am struck with the same. Witness my blog, which I can't seem to muster the energy to write on. I'm sure it will come back, perhaps with the cooler weather. The normalizing of the routine. Something. I hope your groove returns soon too. September isn't that far away!

  2. What is it about Summer and the sewing burn out? I blame the heat for my lack of energy in the summer.

    and summer pneaumonia? major bummer.