Thursday, August 30, 2012

A new bag!

I've been in a bag kick lately. I think I will be offering a few in my shop and make some for the fair I am doing next month. They are super cute and just a very comfortable bag to carry. Does that make any sense? I use a duck fabric for one side and a 100% cotton for the other. The best part is that you can totally throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty.

I really love the reversible look. This is a medium sized bag and I am think of doing a large bag that would be good for a beach tote. The straps on this bag are a little thinner than I like, but I've changed it for next time. Hopefully I will get the bag listed on Etsy tomorrow. The hubster has the camera for a football game tonight. I think we might be reaching a point that I need to get my own camera. 

(On a completely different side note, I really want a doughnut.)

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