Friday, June 29, 2012


I need energy with a side of get up and go mojo.

My etsy shop was hopping a few weeks ago. Sold out of all the 3 pocket aprons in stock. It was awesome. And then I lost all my mojo to create more and get new things made. I have all these awesome ideas running in my head that I want to create and get up for sale. Yet, after the kids are in bed and I have some time to go work in the studio I don't. Is this what burn out feels like? Working all day, then dealing with the kids, I just don't have it in me lately. All I can seem to do is sit on the couch and drool.

I really hope this feeling goes away soon. I have a 5 day weekend coming up. Hopefully this will help me to feel refreshed.

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  1. Take a break, because that's exactly what burnout feels like. I've been going through something like that with writing. Just can't seem to muster the interest. It's starting to come back, but oh, so slowly!

    I'm taking a break from my felt animals, crocheting - pretty much everything... including house cleaning. It's too hot to think or do much of anything except drink ice water and get in the pool.

    The yen will return. Just give it a rest for a bit.