Friday, October 21, 2011

Freezing my bon-bons off

It is freakin' cold outside. I have not been able to get warm since the weather turned a week and a half ago. Not to mention this wind is strong enough to blow Dorothy and her little dog back to Oz. As a native to the wonderful land of Michigan, you'd think I'd be used to this stuff. Usually I embrace the cold - the chance to wear sweatshirts and sweaters, make chili and soups. This year not so much. I feel like an old fart mumbling about my damn joints aching due to the cold. It doesn't help that I am a cheapskate and refuse to turn the furnace up, instead I yell at everyone to put another layer on already! Except I look stupid yelling at myself. And I already have on about 54 1/2 layers on. It's not even winter yet. I am not going to make it through these cold months without turning into my grandma. Someone please stop me if you see my stuffing tissues inside my sleeve. For real, a girl has got to draw the line somewhere.

In other news the only thing truly amusing me right now is watching my kids trying to do the "worm" and my daughter running around driving her "spaceshit".

Spring I need you already!

(but check out this super adorbs jacket pattern I just bought. Adorbs, what am I, a freaking valley girl? WTF?)


  1. That jacket is TOO CUTE!!!

    I absolutely hear you on the cold weather. I absolutely hate hot weather. It sucks all my energy and leaves me limp. My body finally comes back to life with the first nip in the air and when I finally get to turn the overhead fan down to medium when I sleep. But my hands... Oh, my hands hurt so much. Unfortunately the fingers that hurt the most are right in the middle. Showing people definitely raises some eyebrows...


  2. I would have to use that reason as an excuse to flip everyone off. How fun would that be? Well, I mean obviously fun for me. Not necessarily fun for the person I am flipping off.

  3. Love the jacket!

    It has been especially windy by you lately. I read about the waves flooding Chicago. Something I love about living in Florida (after the midwest) is that it's almost always calm here. You'd think a peninsula would be windy, and the clouds do move quickly, but it's calm on the ground in Central Florida.