Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Da Truth

I've often been asked on how do I do it all. I work over 40 hrs a week, help raise a herd of kids, stay married, take care of the house and still find time to do all of my sewing/artwork/start a business. Sometimes I even manage to hang out with a friend or two. What are you, Superwoman?

To which I snort and say the only thing super about me is my gas after eating a lot of dairy. Then really you don't want to be near me. At all. I even manage to scare the cat away.

Truth is, to be able to fit in time to do the things I want to do, somethings need to give. Housework being one of them. That's not to say that my house is a disaster or unsanitary, but I certainly don't freak if there are toys sitting around in the family room after the kids have gone to bed. I often leave baskets of folded clean clothes sitting among the toys. At some point, when in the morning I have to run downstairs half undressed to find something to wear, I will contemplate putting the clean clothes away. Or if I need a basket to haul dirty clothes downstairs.  I only truly clean if company is coming over.

It also helps that I have a supportive husband. Sure he doesn't like it when he loses me to my basement studio for weeks at a time, but he understands that my artwork is a part of me and I need it like peanut butter needs jelly. Or like my boobs need a really supportive bra. You get my point.

How do you make to time to be able to do what YOU need for you?


  1. I hear you... It isn't easy! Evenings are our free time. Usually the three of us are in teh same room but doing different things. My husband may fire up the XBox360 and kill aliens. My son is online playing Minecraft with his friends. I'm on the couch crocheting or upstairs watching a DVD. And if there's a big thing coming up - I announce it. THIS WEEKEND: Halloween Costumes!

  2. That was me... Sayre. Your Google thing doesn't like me.

  3. Pretty much the same way you do. The housework is the first to suffer. Although I don't go out to work, I work at home which should be easier but is not. Having teenagers in the house 24/7 makes for loads of extra mess. I actually had a much tidier home before we started homeschooling and when I went out to work. There was no-one home to make a mess. LOL Now speaking of housework, I am expecting visitors, the boys are having a day off school and what am I doing? Reading blogs! I really must down this coffee and do some actual cleaning. haha

  4. Wait. Time to myself? I can have that?

  5. It's very good that you spend time on your sewing and art. Good for you. I didn't take care of myself at all for years, burned out, and that lead to not being the mom I could have been.