Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time? What time?

I am a mother of 3. I work full time. Somewhere I have to find time to feed the kids, do laundry, clean, etc. That leaves very little "me" time. Never mind the fact that I am trying my damndest (that is too a real word! spell check can bite me!) to start a sustainable business that will allow me to be home with the kids and not pay out the ass for daycare. (Even if daycare is totally awesome and the people there feel like family.) How do you manage to set aside "me" time? I admit that I really do love working in my studio and it feels like "me" time, (Why the hell do I keep putting "me" in quotations? And this talking in parenthesis is getting real old.) but the reality is that I am working and not decompressing. Last night I met with 2 of my bestest friends for dinner and I was able to just let loose - be myself for 2 hours. I got to actually shovel food into my own pie hole, without having to stop to tell so-and-so to leave his sister alone for pete's sake. It was amazing.

So, lemme know what works for you. How do you find time for you? That oh so important time everyone needs to be able to stay true to yourself.


  1. It's hard - even if you only have ONE kid! Really, the only time I have to myself is that hour before I go to sleep. I can read or crochet or watch a movie, usually uninterrupted. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms (we are thermally incompatible for sleeping), so I really can have that time to myself. The rest of my day is dealing with work, house, animals, people... rarely more than a couple of downtime minutes during the day....


  2. I'm sorry, I think this post was written in a foreign language. This "time to yourself", what is it?