Friday, July 15, 2011


Because I love me some Christmas in July shopping, I thought I would have a sale of my own! All my dresses are 15% off from now through the end of July! I should be getting more up for sale shortly. If you want any dress custom made I will also offer the same discount. Yay! Sale! My panties are on fire. Well, they would be, but I really hate the word panties. Ick. My under-roos are on fire!

Funklicious Etsy Store

The latest dress creation:

I also purchased a flouncy pillowcase dress pattern. Can't wait to create! What would you like to see me add to my Etsy shop? Please note, my goal is NOT to end up on Regretsy. Not that there is anything wrong with Regretsy, but crocheted sperm is not on my list to make. Mostly because I can't crochet to save my soul.

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