Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need a hobbie, otherwise known as I suck at creating blog titles

I live in the great state of Michigan. Please note that the use of the word great was not in any way, shape or form sarcastic. I do think my state is great. Think Tony the Tiger, "It's Greeeaaaat!"

Or something like that.

Despite how awesome my state is (see how I claim it as mine? It's not like hundreds of thousands of other people also live in the state.) the road commission clearly sucks ass at making decent road side slogans for the digital billboards. Right now it states "Drive nice and slow in ice and snow." Seriously? My six year old could come up with better rhymes than that. Obviously they need to employ me to create more interesting and entertaining phrases. Currently I think it should state "When in bad weather don't drive like a bitch or you could end up in a ditch." It's catchy don't you think.? Or "When driving don't drink beer or you could hit a deer." Ooo, how about "My grandma drives better than your punk ass." Sheer brilliance don't you think?


  1. You do live in a great state. Some of my best vacations have been spent in Michigan.

    'My grandma drives better than your punk ass." is catchy. :)

  2. I'd love to see the ditch bitch!!!

    I've never been to Michigan. If I ever visit - I will make sure and come in early summer.

  3. This grandma drives very nice
    So take that, snow and ice!

  4. They need to pay you for those!

  5. Sheer Brillance . . . an understatement !
    You might not be able to come up with glob titles, but you're great at road signs.