Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Didn't your mother ever tell you ignoring people is rude?!?!

Don't you just love it when bloggers say "Look at me! I'm back! I'm blogging again!" and then they promptly disappear again?!

(crickets chirping)

I do too. Man. I'm such a bitch.

Okay, so in my defense, it's been a crazy ass month that has left me curled up in the fetal position begging for the torture to end. In no particular order my last month or so has looked like this:

  • son gets strep
  • I get what they think is strep
  • no, no! kidding! I have the worse case of vertigo ever, which send me to the ER after barfing my guts up for 12 hours. Apparently water is supposed to be kept down and not end up in the toilet bowl. Anti vertigo meds are my new hero. 
  • daughter gets hideous cold/ upper respiratory shit that causes her to wheeze like a 2 pack a day habit smoker. I told that kid to stop smoking. Do you think she would listen?
  • last week, in a forbidden game of chase in the house, said daughter falls and bashes her head on the edge of the wall. A trip to the ER and 2 staples later, she is fine.
  • that is until next morning when she wakes up with a blood splattered sheet and only one staple in her head. Trip to her regular doctor, super glue and a new Mickey Mouse book, she is fine. What, you didn't know Mickey Mouse books make everything better. Apparently they do, if you are almost 2 yrs old. 
  • Tenant in our rental house moves out, leaving us with another mortgage to cover.
See? I'm done. I've had enough. Got it. Oh yeah, and tomorrow would have been my mother's 60th birthday and daughter is scheduled to get the one staple removed. Fuuuccckkkk. That said, my art studio Open House is still scheduled for this Saturday and so far the weather looks like it will be my friend. It should be fun! No really, I'm super duper excited. Enough so that I said super duper.  

And if all else fails to turn my bad mood around, there's always vodka.



  1. Mommies love vodka.

    Hope tomorrow goes by smoothly and you think of your mom often.

  2. Yikes, that is quite a bit to deal with one at a time let alone all at one time. Hopefully, the rest of this month will be grand including the Open House.

  3. Laid out like that - what a shitty month! Hopefully things are turning around and your open house is Mah-velous!

    Hugs to you - for your bad month and for missing your mom.

  4. sigh. it's time for the end of the shitacular month.

    i have decreed it so...

  5. Dude, there is not enough vodka in the world right now. Plus I'm afraid if I have one, I might not stop.

  6. Hey Darlin'... Sorry things are shitty. I've done my best to cheer you up and posted a new photo at my place, just now. It's photo #5.
    I promise you will smile . . . or grimace !

  7. stressful things happen to us good people.