Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Explanation please

Can anyone pretty please with a cherry on top please explain Taylor Momsen to me? Seriously. I do not get her. At all. First off isn't she 17 or so? I would lock my daughter up and throw away the key if at 17 she decided she needed to wear lingerie as clothes. Yes, obviously Taylor dresses like a 2 bit whore to get attention. It must work, because even a poor schmuck like me is wasting my valuable time discuss her wardrobe habits.

(Wait, give me a moment - I do have a point here. Somewhere.....)

What bugs the shit out of me with this public display of whorishness are the young impressionable girls that look up to Momsen and think that this is the way women need to display themselves to gain attention - that looking like you charge 2 bucks an hour is appropriate. Even more so, it teaches our young women that they don't have to value themselves. As a women and as a person.

So please Miss Momsen, do the young women of the world a huge favor and put some damn clothes on already.


  1. Well said! Totally with you on this.

  2. I don't know who Taylor Momsen is, but if she's anything like all those other starlets that blend in together, I have to agree.

    I was absolutely horrified to find that my DIL was dressing my granddaughter like a baby hooker. Her other grandmother and I got together to figure out a plan for when she went to stay with the other grandmother for the summer. It worked. Very rarely does she look like she should be on a street corner anymore.

    What I want to know is WHY do the mothers dress their daughters like that???

  3. If my grandma were alive, she'd wish she was dead.