Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions


Are you a New Year Resolutions Maker? I try to, but usually fail by the next day. You know, I make a promise to myself that in the new year I am going to focus on taking better care of myself and lose weight. By January 2nd I can be found laying on the couch with a bag a chips or a handful of cookies. Or both. Don't give me that look. It's not my fault that my husband's lovely aunt is a master chef whose Christmas gift every year is a box of delightful cookie deliciousness. And I will be damned if my kids or hubby are going to eat my favorite cookies before I can eat a few. The ONLY logical choice is to eat them all. I mean, really, what else is a girl to do? Anywho, this year my goal is to grow as an artist and to really give it a go at creating and selling my stuff. I'm giving myself a good solid year to see if I can make something of myself. Hopefully a year from now I will be posting to all you wonderful people that things are going excellent and I made the best choice ever to focus on my art as a career.  If not, well then at least I have cookie awesomeness to wallow my pities in. Right? Silver lining?

What are your resolutions this year? And no, you can't have my damn cookies, so stop looking at me like that. Yeesh.


  1. Well... lucky for you, I've resolved to stop pigging out on cookies!

    Seriously? I already did a post on this - I think I did it on the first!

  2. I missed your cookie filled fists.

  3. Mmmmmm cookies!!!!!

    I don't make resolutions for the same reasons you mentioned.

    You can do this!!!

  4. I don't make them because I can never follow them through and thus feel like a failure so I skip over all that...
    and just have cookies.