Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello? Is this thing turned on?

Well. Hi.

(crickets chirping)

I never really know how to start a blog post. Especially after I've ignored my blog for at least a year. It's time I get started again. To talk about my art and mt life trying to create art. You know, everything that drives me bat shit crazy. Recently I've decided that I need to start making my art one of my priorities in life. I'd love for it to become my career. That's not likely to happen for a long time. Those damn bills need to be paid. That and most artists don't become famous until they are dead. And let's be honest. I plan on annoying my husband for a very long time so that's just not an option. Recently, I opened back up my Etsy shop, Funklicious.  I have a lot of great ideas and things to create, so stop by often to see new items. I finally got my ass off the couch and learned how to use my sewing machine. I've only owned the thing for almost a year before I took it out of the damn box. Now I have my sights set on one of these beauties. It's currently out of stock and well, I can't afford it. But one day it will be mine (insert evil cackle here). (Cackle....what a great word.) I also want one of these storage thingies. Storage is the bane of my existence in my studio. I never have enough and it never seems to work the way I want it to. Anyone else out there addicted to storage units? What do you find works the best for tools and supplies?

Jinkies. That's about enough boring information for today. I have to go stop my daughter from pantsing herself. What is it about one year olds and trying to strip themselves constantly?


  1. Well what do you know! Look what the 2011 cat drug in! Glad you're back lady.

    And my 20 month old is now obsessed with disrobing as well...

  2. Jinkies, Daphne, where did you park the mystery van?

    Glad you are back.

  3. She will outgrow it... You did, didn't you? (**didn't you????**)

    Good to see you back here in blogland. Missed you!

  4. Just realized, in my mind I've been pronouncing the name of your shop as Funkilicious instead of Funklicious, LOL.

    One-year-olds have it right! Us adults are the warped ones.

  5., you, you posted! wow, I think I hear the angels singing. Welcome back, Happy New Year!