Thursday, February 18, 2010


I received a plain simple photo screen from my mom a few years ago. I loved the concept, but pictures didn't fit in very well and the wood color didn't match anything in my house. So off to the basement pit of despair it went. Where it sat. And collected dust. (Don't give me that look. I happen to like dust bunnies. They keep me and all my personalities company.......) Then a few weeks ago my lovely (and very cute) husband brilliantly came up with the idea of using the screen to display some of my artwork.

I put a few of my drawings in, but I didn't have enough completed to fill the entire space. It was making me antsy that there were big gaping holes where drawings should be.

I then cut up paper to fill the vacant spots. I didn't want to feel pressured in finishing the piece. Next I decided instead of just putting  drawings in the screen that I would turn the entire screen into an art piece. If I felt like changing the drawings, all I need to do is sand the screen and spray paint it a neutral color and start a fresh!

With "House Hunters" playing in the background, I set to work. It's going to take some time, but I am pleased with the results so far.

I may change the bottom left a bit. Not too sure about it, but I'm totally digging the purple dot explosion. I think maybe I should make the bottom one color after the last green diamond. I tend to gravitate towards abstract and heavy on geometric shapes. I love me some circles and triangles.

More updates on the Screen o' Art as it progresses. Any projects you want to share? Also, interested in any artist you might want to discuss. Lemme know.


  1. Oh Nikki! You are so creative. Me likey!!
    Me love you long time!!

  2. BWAHAHAHA! J's comment wasn't there when I went to comment!!! That is really funny!!!

  3.! I like how your brain works.

  4. Very Nice - I can't wait to see the progress!

  5. Very nice! Can't wait to see the finished result!

  6. OOH! I like the result! Very fun.