Monday, March 5, 2012


I cannot believe my baby, my last child, just turned three. Where. In. The. World. Did. The. Time. Go? Seriously? Just yesterday she was a tiny baby who hiccuped all the time. And now she is a walking, talking, big girl machine who demands that mommy give her "birtday party hair" and make her a cupcake "birtday party skirt". Of course that meant that the night before her birthday party I was up late finishing the requested cupcake skirt.

Is it possible to stop time? Because I am not ready for this girl to grow up any more. I need a hug. And a shot of vodka. In no particular order.



  1. I am feeling your pain. My boy turns 13 (!) next month and is taller than me. It is quite sobering (so share come of that vodka!).

    Love the cupcake skirt (good Mommy!) and the party hair! Your baby knows her mind!

  2. she is lovely, and looks so very much like her mama. If you figure out how to stop or slow down time be sure and let me know ok? Happy Birthday little one.

  3. Seems like you were just pregnant with her a couple months ago...

    She's adorable :)