Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012

Hello! Happy 2012! Was 2011 good to you, or like myself are you looking for better and brighter times in 2012? I am still on the path to be able to help support the family with my Etsy shop and with the few fairs I've started doing. I still have to work my 9-5 job, but I will get there one day. Mark my words (insert evil cackle here).

In other words, I totally resemble this definition. And I see nothing wrong with this.
I cannot pass up a good fabric sale. At least I can honestly say I use what I buy. So far I am gearing up for 2 shows in March, a possible show in April and maybe an Open House. I guess I better get sewing. With my trusty Diet Coke and sewing machine by my side I will not fail! Perhaps a super hero cape is needed? 


  1. I've got a box of yarn stashed in my closet. A big one. My mom hoards fabric, so you can see I am not unfamiliar with this concept!

    I'm so glad your Esty stuff is working! I love that you're involved in fairs and markets too. I've been working on some felt animals. I hope I can get good at them - people seem to like them a lot!

  2. Sew on my friend, Sew on! A super hero cape is totally needed!!